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I don't pretend to be a Keats
or a Shelley or a Shakespeare—rhymes
just pop into my head sometimes, and
I scribble them down on whatever
piece of paper comes to hand. 
It's fun and it's just for me, but now and
then, people ask to read what
I have written. 

Darling baby,  so pink and white.
Smiles all day, sleeps all night.
Devoted parents think the world of him.
For there is no one like their sunny Jim.

Sometime later, he goes to school.
Thinks it’s O.K. - even cool. 
But when he is older, he changes his mind.
And looks for friends of his own kind.

Missing school, has a smoke.
First a fag and then some coke.
Steals from his parents, goes on a break-in.
Anything for money to buy some heroin.

Ends up on the streets living rough,
He is cold and hungry, and life gets tough.
He has a girlfriend, her name is Sue.
She is also an addict, has AIDS too.



Sue has a baby small and grey.
His poor little life clock, ticking away.
Sue dies in childbirth, and later does Jim.
What of the baby, who will look after him?
“We will,” says Jim’s parents,  wrapping him 
in a shawl.
For he is our grandson after all” They nurse him tenderly, day and night. Poor grey baby, not pink and white. Until the day comes the baby’s at peace. From pain and suffering, he is released. Now Sue, Jim and the baby are all safe and well. Happy in heaven, after an earth life of hell.

© 2014 Mary Davies

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