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 Here I am in one of my favourite places, doing something I love to do.  The background for this page is a copy of one of my "little people" pictures, and I will be introducing more of them here in my Internet home as time goes by.  I hope you will enjoy them.
Welcome—Croeso—to my website.

You may wonder why in my advanced years that I wish to open a website, and actually, come to think of it, I am wondering why myself!
It all came about when requests were coming in for further copies of my booklet, "To Dewi—With Love"—a tribute to my late husband, and a journal of my mourning process.
You will find the booklet reproduced below in its entirety and I very much hope and pray that it will bring some comfort to anyone who has recently lost a loved one and feels abandoned and alone.
My Dewi was a man who loved to laugh and always saw the positive side of life, and that is the attitude I hope to reflect in the words and pictures you see here.  Clonc means chat in my native Welsh and that's something I love to do.  Please come back often for a smile...and a clonc!

Mewn cariad (in love),


August 7, 2014—My very first blog entry:

My dear husband died in his sleep with no warning of any impending illness in 1993 at the age of 63 (he would have been 64 the following day). I found that writing my feelings in prose and verse with a few drawings of my Art over the next three years, helped me. I had no idea at the time that the little book I put together would be accepted by Cruse Bereavement Care and that it would be included in their catalogue for 12 years. The response was overwhelming and I have a big file full of letters from people of all ages saying how much my little book has helped them.

As a result, I felt duty bound to make it available to all those who have suffered the painful loss of a loved one but cannot put their feelings into words.

I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Mary Davies and I have a son Alun, who with his wife Karen lives in nearby Cheltenham. 

For the last 49 years I have lived in the beautiful town of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire and hopefully, can now be called a ‘local’.

I am a member of the Tewkesbury Methodist Church that I count my second home. The church family is very important to me as we care very much about each other. Over the years I have also been very much involved in many activities in the town and derived great enjoyment in doing so.

I am also an amateur artist and belong to the Tewkesbury Art Society and have been accepted as a member of the Gloucestershire Society of Artists where you have to be ‘vetted’ to join. My form of media is water colour, and being a big fan of Lowry I draw little people, snowmen, etc. that seem to endear themselves to the general public. I will be including some of my Artwork for you to see from time to time on my website.

Although I have lived most of my life in England mostly in Tewkesbury, I am still Welsh to the core in birth and language.

I am in seventh heaven as I write this, as the Welsh National Eisteddfod is taking place in Llanelli, South Wales and I am glued to the TV channel SC4.

Do not let anyone tell you that the Welsh language is dying, one only has to view the 350 children on screen at the Opening Ceremony last Friday to see that it is very much alive and kicking.
You my have wondered what the word Welsh word ‘Clonc’ means in my website address - it means a chat, some would say gossip - and that is what I hope my website will be all about. I will be including some of the poems and prose that I have written over the years ,and hope that you will enjoy reading them.

As Alun, my son would say, when I was Editor of the Church Magazine, stop now, give a chance for others to have their say!

So, I will stop for now, here’s to the next bulletin...and I would love to hear from you.

Mewn cariad, in love,



   My little book about grief is reproduced below—just click on a thumbnail to see the page full size, and I hope you enjoy it.  


     Special thanks to Mike Batt, creator of "The Wombles of Wimbledon," for    allowing me to use the quotation from "Watership Down,"How can the light  that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale?" I also want to thank my friend Ian for designing this website for me and helping me to get it online.


I'm sure that everyone feels that their loss of a loved one is a sadness that will never go away, but I promise you that it becomes more bearable in time, and is eventually replaced by gratitude.

Having someone truly special in your life is a great gift, one to be treasured forever.

I am grateful for all the wonderful years Dewi and I spent together, with their ups and downs and smiles and occasional sadness.

I am grateful, too, for the opportunity to express my feelings in words and pictures, not just here in this new setting but for many years.

Mewn cariad,



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