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I don't pretend to be a Keats
or a Shelley or a Shakespeare—rhymes
just pop into my head sometimes, and
I scribble them down on whatever
piece of paper comes to hand. 
It's fun and it's just for me, but now and
then, people ask to read what
I have written. 




John and Jane on the sofa sat,
They seemed a happy twosome.
John kissed her on her ruby lips
And stroked her ample bosom.

Jane jumped up, as if on fire
And rounded on her husband.
“You are a wicked man,” said she
And ran out to the hallstand.

“Now then, now then,” soothed John, 
“What’s this? you really should not worry.”
“You are my wife and mine to love.
No need for such a flurry.”

Jane sniffed and said, “you may -
If you think it's right and proper.
To kiss me once, upon my cheek
As long as your hands don’t wander.”

Poor John obeyed, and kissed her once.
His fingers all a tingle, and said
“If this what married life’s about,
I wish I had stayed single!

© 2014 Mary Davies



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